Ocean Real Estate Lanzarote

Our services

Our services:

1. Clarification of the right to sell a property on the market.
2. Eletronic land registry control within 48 h in the spanish land register.
3. Purchase contracts as a draft for the notarial deed, taking into account your personal situation.  Inheritance-, family law and tax law clauses are formulated in your favor. Considering whether it is beneficial for you to purchase a property with a Spanish Ltd. Company (S.L.).
4. We are arranging an appointment at a reliable notary or your request notary.
5. Securing the purchase price payment, fulfillment of tax withholding obligation on the purchase of a non-resident.
6. Clarification of the building and land tenure situation, if you intend to engage in a particular activity or you are planning your own new construction.
7. The purchase: entry in land register so that you are fully protected as owner. Payment of notary fees, property transfer tax and other taxes.
8. Opening of a bank account with insurance options.