Our services

Our service when buying a property in Lanzarote:

  1. Clarification of the seller's right of disposal.
  2. Nota simple in 48 hours by an electronic search of the Land Registry.
  3. Acquire contracts as a draft for the notarial deed, taking into account your personal situation. In this case, inheritance, family law and tax law clauses are specified in writing in your favour. In this context, consider whether it is suitable for you to purchase a property through a limited company (SL).
  4. Make an appointment at a notary's office you trust or a notary's office of your choice.
  5. Ensure payment of the purchase price, compliance with the withholding tax obligation on the purchase from a non-resident.
  6. Clarification of the construction possibilities in legal terms of buildings and land, if you intend to engage in a particular activity, or the planning of a new construction.
  7. Purchase/Sale: registration of the new owner in the land register, so you are fully protected. Payment of notary fees, property transaction tax and other taxes.
  8. Open a bank account with options on various types of insurance.
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